I'm a creative director working in various types of art like film, photography and music. Founder of the Jaguar Siembra a non-profit foundation project; I work creating forest through art and working in environmental, social and cultural topics. Currently I'm producing and directing a transmedia film, called: Corazón Del Mundo (The Heart Of The World)my first documentary alongside a reforestation project with the indigenous people in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.


Born and raised in Colombia, now based in Vienna.

Let's create together! 



Direction, Production & Cinematography


Editing & Color correction

Aerial Cinematography

Permaculture design

"Believing in the truth that we were born to live outside of time in the moment of silence faithful to us, searching within magic to create and be a bridge between the impossible and the experienceable. Learn to see, learn to be, push more far the world around us enjoying the mystical, the sound, the wisdom of nature and the ancestors, elevating and trying to live more and more that moment in which we realize that we are more than alive, where there is more of what our eyes see and our senses perceive"

Soy otro tu / I am another you.

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